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The Wheel

Spuyten Duyvil, 2021

Gorgeously ambitious [...] a work of divination in the truest sense.

- Janaka Stucky

Circling through memory, trauma, love, and creation, The Wheel leads with an I that is "ambivalent and vigilant at once"—one whose capacity to embody rigor and uncertainty compels a dynamic between author and reader akin to the two-way transmission of a live performance.

- Bridget Talone

The Wheel offers us an equally cerebral and sensual documentation of the many lived labors, losses, and latencies of making meaning across the disciplines of dance, music, architecture, and poetry. The Wheel is written with easeful and luminous intelligence. It is brimming with a luxuriant curiosity about how a life may be lived in art-making, as a long, abundant, and gorgeously profane vigil.                             

- Divya Victor

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