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Forms of Listening: Cover Songs and Creative Translations

Sundays * 3 - 5 PM CT * $120 - 160 sliding scale * Virtual


What does it mean to cover? Against the appropriative legacy of the cover song, this four-week class will explore the interpretive, political, and cross cultural possibilities of cover songs, tribute albums, and music inspired by poetry through listening-based activities and creative exercises.


In this class, participants will be invited to redefine the cover, utilizing concepts from translation theory and sound studies as they devise creative translations of their own. Participants will also have the opportunity to share their works-in-progress with the class in a dynamic workshop setting. 

Our curriculum will include music by Britney Spears, the Rolling Stones, Karen Dalton, Nina Simone, Xiu Xiu, and Josephine Foster, among others. We'll read some Emily Dickinson, Walter Benjamin, Don Mee Choi, Sawako Nakayasu, and more.

Artists of all disciplines and abilities are encouraged to register by July 20, 2022. To register, please email AM a brief description of your favorite cover song. You are also welcome to share an example of your creative work. Upon registration, AM will provide you with payment instructions. 


Students say...

AM was incredibly knowledgable, kind and engaging.

AM is a caring and attentive instructor, with a great eye for the type of poetry we want to write and we want to feel.

She really had our growth as writers in mind with everything we did.

She was very diligent in allowing us to view a diversity of writing. She was also great at giving us lots of exercises to better understand the material.

Anne Malin asked challenging yet gentle questions, the readings were fantastic, and the prompts allowed for a lot of creativity! I did not want the class to end!

The way she expands the notion of translation beyond language to incorporate the ways in which we are constantly engaged in a sort of translation as we move through the world opens up new possibilities [...] exploding the tidy categories we tend to rely on and risk taking as naturalistic.

I am deeply affected by the entire experience.

AM, as always, a fortune teller.


Looking for private lessons, recurring feedback on drafts, personalized prompts, or something else? Check out my Patreon here!
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