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Waiting Song

An in-depth examination of the traces that time leaves.

- Stephen Trageser, The Nashville Scene



- Ron Hart, American Songwriter

Anne Malin sings in an old-fashioned, tremulous way, with plenty of vibrato and sudden piercing clarity. Her voice […] evokes faith and sorrow and fortitude.

- Jennifer Kelly, dusted

Bear with me here, but if clipping. were to bring a country duo on tour with them, I don’t think their audience would necessarily be opposed to the subtle experimentalism of Anne Malin. 'Hourglass'—among the first previews the duo of [Anne Malin's] new LP Waiting Song had to offer—plays out like a familiar slide-guitar, country-western ballad before the buzzsaw sounds of feedback slice the track in half. It’s subtle, but the disruption in this song about losing all concept of time in quarantine provides a surreal—if not migraine-y—flavor of industrialism in an otherwise idyllic soundscape.

- Mike LeSuer, FLOOD

Featured on TIDAL's Nashville Now playlist.

Fog Area

There’s a fragile lo-fi folk feel to much of this album, rather like Lou Barlow’s post-Dinosaur Jr. bedroom recordings, with Anne Malin’s voice exuding a haunted quality akin to Josephine Foster.

- Noel Gardner, The Wire


Gorgeously atmospheric.

- Amelia Maher, The Line of Best Fit


Through nine intimate songs, Anne Malin’s voice and guitar and Johnson’s electronic accents build a miniature world of small but resonant moments. Her folky melodies crackle and hiss with a campfire aura, but they’re also deceptively rich; the more you listen, the more you hear layers of sounds that weren’t apparent at first. Especially gripping are moments when she sings along with herself, adding another faded dimension to songs that play like old photographs slowly peeled from a scrapbook.

- Marc Masters, Bandcamp

Neither Dog Nor Car

Filmed at an abandoned, Christian-themed amusement park in Connecticut, the video for ‘Good Earth’ is, on its surface, unsettling. Dancers with ropes wrapped too tightly around their bodies bend and sway to a discordant guitar. Ringwalt and Johnson appear later, gazing into one another’s eyes. The song is tightly wound, but loosened by Ringwalt’s dulcet vocals.

- Anna Marketti on “Good Earth,” NPR

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