Selected Publications

Creative Writing

La Vague - Resenting the Factory, Crosswind (forthcoming)

Dream Pop Press - Five Scenes, [Thinking I was past this—]

Washington Square Review - From Prose-Space

Bennington Review - [Some people], The Agony in the Garden

Tarpaulin Sky Magazine - [Dragging the real]

Interim - While water flowed beneath the bridge

Queen Mob's Teahouse - On Nothing

TAGVVERK - Consummate Mask

Hobart - Apocalyptic

Vinyl - jesus (an utterance)

Critical Writing

Jacket2 - "Sounding/Listening Through the Fog"

Action Books Blog - "Citational Poetics: a Series" - Parts 1, 2, 3, 4

Action Books Blog - "Bewilderment in This Blue Novel"

Kenyon Review - On études

Kenyon Review - On Scorpionic Sun

dancing girl pressLike Cleopatra (2014)
Blood Poems - Finalist, Verse / Tomaž Šalamun Prize (2020)
Jetsun Mila - Afterword in Black Warrior Review, selected by Renee Gladman (2020)
What Floods - Finalist, Essay Press’ Book Contest (2018) - Excerpt in Peripheries

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