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The Wheel
Spuyten Duyvil, 2021

Longlisted for the 2020 Tarpaulin Sky Book Awards

Reviewed by Entropy and Arkansas International
Interviewed by Arkansas International




Oversound - swan (forthcoming)

digital vestiges - [silk : a sheen], [so i break]

NEW: The Journal of American Poetry - [the tear could be a tulip], Hibiscus, [There was a window and I looked out.], ZINNIA

Puerto del Sol - Period Letter 1, Period Letter 2

Metatron - Two Fragments

Yalobusha Review - Egg

Phoebe - Riddle

Annulet - Period, Perspiring; September

Wildness - there's no salt. . . 

Dusie - On Hill Street

La Vague - Resenting the Factory, [I have no comfort for thee, no not one]

Action Books Blog - Crosswind

Dream Pop Press - Five Scenes, [Thinking I was past this—]

Peripheries - From What Floods

Bennington Review - [Some people], The Agony in the Garden

Burning House Press - Auto-

Interim - While water flowed beneath the bridge

TAGVVERK - Consummate Mask

Cloud Rodeoas one scatters earth; Via Negativa; If the truth hurts, it's working; THERE IS NO LAKE AND NO SKY; Le Navire Night; In the innermost sanctuary

OCCULUM - Notes from the Eclipse

Hobart - Apocalyptic

Winter Tangerine - Of Nature, Prayer w/ a glass of coconut milk

Banshee - Of Your Dark

Vinyl - jesus (an utterance)


Black Warrior Review - The Young-Girl vs. a young girl (selected by Renee Gladman)

Washington Square Review - From Prose-Space

Minor Literatures - Ghosts 

Tarpaulin Sky Magazine - [Dragging the real]

Entropy - From The Wheel

Queen Mob's Teahouse - On Nothing

The Adroit Journal - Babies

Criticism & Interviews

Action Books Blog - Citational Poetics: a Series - Intro; Parts 1, 2, 3, 4; Conclusion

Action Books Blog - On Liberamerica by Monchoachi (trans. Patricia Hartland)

Action Books Blog - "It is Not Animal to Forgive": an interview with Emily Pittinos 

Tarpaulin Sky Magazine - "In Conversation": a collaborative text with Erik Fuhrer

Tarpaulin Sky Magazine - Mike Corrao's Rituals 

Music & Literature - Kazim Ali's The Voice of Sheila Chandra

Jacket2 - Sounding/Listening Through the Fog

Action Books Blog - Bewilderment in This Blue Novel

Action Books Blog - New-New-New Body Language

Kenyon Review - On études by Friederike Mayröcker (trans. Donna Stonecipher)

Kenyon Review - On Scorpionic Sun by Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine (trans. Conor Bracken)

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